Saturday, April 21, 2012

Raylan Givens

I read one of the books in which Raylan is a character -- think it was Riding the Rap. Something to do with a swimming pool? Guess I won't call it memorable. Think I liked it, except for the brutality. But when you're writing about sociopaths and psychopaths, that comes with the territory.

But I see, since the great TV series Justified, Leonard has written a Raylan novel, entitled Raylan. So I'll read that. (Imagine, below, an image of Timothy Oliphant as you-know-who, which I'm too lazy to paste in.)

Brave New World

Another must-read. A world in which home and family are extinct, forbidden concepts, humans are mass-produced in bottles, engineered to suit their pre-determined societal functions, and the dirtiest word utterable is "mother."

The Time Machine

Read this last summer after reading Mark Steyn's excellent After America. Eloi,  morlocks and all that. Both must-reads.

More Wodehouse

Lots of fun:
Money in the Bank
Sam the Sudden

Not quite as good:
Heavy Weather

These are from the Fairfax County Library (George Mason branch), which has a respectable PGW collection:


Nicholas Nickleby

Been meaning to read this for decades. Worth it.